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 Application Form

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PostSubject: Application Form   Thu Mar 20, 2008 8:51 am

Please copy this, fill it in and send it in a private message to a classleader or a council member

(if willing to respec etc).
*/Played: Your total time played, your /played on lvl 70. Mention time spent on alts if you had any after leveling something to 70.
*Gear/Character: profile linked through either armory, allakhazam or something else.
also explain some/what gear are you aiming for and why
*Alts: short info about each alt and what is your plan for them
*Other: Anything else you might want to add about your character

You as a player
*Playing times:
(what times, and how much in avg / day) You must be honest about this
*Previous online/mmorpg experiences: don’t just mention what games you played before. Go into detail on what level did you play the game, did you have guild/clan, have you been playing in an EU top guild/clan
*Previous guilds: (why you quit them etc as well) Link to its dkp page that can prove your activity / your membership, contacts from your old guild so we can verify that you didn't just e-bay. If you find this uncomfortable, don’t skip this part just contact an officer so we can work something out
*Ventrilo/Skype/Mic Usage:
Do you know anyone in The Muttsnuts that can tell us a bit about you?
*Other: Anything else you might want to share with us.

Now when you´re done with the "basics", we´re on to what´s important in the application! Here we want you to explain a bit about different stuff, so we know you got "the right thinking". We´re not looking for players that can’t think for themselves, we´re looking for players who know what they´re doing!

So, write a few sentences about:
**Talents: Explain why you´re using the spec you are, what specs you´ve tried, and why you came to the conclusion that this specs suits you the best.
**Gear: Talk a bit about what gear you´re aiming for and why. Where is your current equipment lacking now?
**Guild: Why you want to join The Muttsnuts, what type of guild you´re looking for, and what you´re looking for in a guild.
**WoW: What is your goals in wow, what do you want to achieve and how long do you plan to keep playing? Are you absolutely certain that you want to play in a semi-casual raiding guild, are you prepared to leave your friends and other guildies behind?
**Contributing: would you be willing to donate to the guild fund for raid repairs, raid potions, etc and helping out other guild members in need?
**Fishing: What is your fishing skill and why did you level it and if you didn’t level it why not?

Contact info: Please post some way(s) we could contact you.
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Application Form
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