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 What We Are Looking For

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PostSubject: What We Are Looking For   Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:56 am

As a main setup for 25 man raids, here is what The Muttsnuts are looking for to provide the raid leader a selective choice for a particular raid, some classes will be preferred for a certain boss, and some are a must have. Here is a list of classes and specs that we are looking for...

2 Protection Warriors
1 Feral Druids
1 Protection Paladin

Melee Dps
3 Combat Rogues
2 Feral Druids
1 Fury Warrior
1 Retribution Paladin
2 Enhancement Shaman

Ranged Dps
2 Elemental Shaman
1 Marksman Hunter
1 Frost Mage
4 Fire Mages
1 Destruction Warlock
2 Affliction Warlock
1 Balance Druid
3 Shadow Priests

3 Holy Priests
3 Restoration Shaman
3 Holy Paladins
2 Restoration Druids

As a notice for anyone applying, this is just something the leaders of The Muttsnuts WOULD LIKE and isn't something we have to have, if a 4th Shadow Priest applies, we may accept if we only have 1 Affliction Warlock for example. Also some members may have an Alt which could fill 2 roles (of course they both can't raid together) but could be called upon if a raid struggles to fill slots.

Good luck with your application
The Administrators of THE MUTTSNUTS
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What We Are Looking For
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